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OK I have to admit that I’ve knitted a few pairs of socks this year. I joined the 52 pair plunge on ravelry in June, and so far the count is 27. 17 of these made their way under various Christmas trees, and I decided to make a gallery:

Chris Andre:
socks socks
Charleen and Elizabeth:
socks socks
Kristin and Matilde:
socks socks


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Miss Marple

This sock was originally designed as a mystery, with the pattern divided into clues. The mystery design was inspired by Miss Jane Marple, the fictional crime-solver created by Agatha Christie. She’s sharp, clever, and a knitter, of course. Now the pattern is complete and ready to knit as a whole… the only mystery left is to unlock the crossword puzzle at the end

Qurious (and a bit sceptical) I cast on the Sock Knitters Anonimous (SKA) November mystery sock designed by Star Athena as soon as the first clue went up on November 1st. I finished the first clue (the cuff) for both socks quickly using magic loop and doing them two at a time. But I was not quite happy. Was the yarn too busy for the mosaique pattern?

I let it marinate for a few days, waiting for clue 2 to come up. The stitch pattern for the legg spanned 2 pages, so I printed it and glued it together, aligning each 64 stitch row carefully. Got a few rows into the leg before I lost my knitting mojo / took break to work on Christmas gifts.

The half-done cuffs/legs hibernated for almost two months. Occupying my favourite knit picks circular needles and occationally poking at me from the bag. Well, I think I have five or 6 of those 2.5mm 80cm needles, but still – they are not archive material! Then Christmas happened: gift knitting was officially over and I thought that maybe I could finish them in time for the SKA challenge after all. Maybe.

So I picked up where I left and finished the leg:

And turned the heel:

Miss Marple heel

After that it was smooth sailing and I finished in a day or so. They turned out quite beautiful and one-of-a-kind:

Miss Marple pattern page

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