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It is time for the end-of-month housekeeping again. I’ve completed 10 projects – two pairs of socks, three hats, two pairs of mittens, and three sweaters:
Baby´s first fair isle yoke cardigan (“b16-10 Jacket with raglan sleeves in pattern and pants in Alpaca”) by DROPS design, knit in Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Royal Alpakka. Started September 3, 2011; completed February 1, 2013.

Fair isle yoke cardigan

Preemie Baby Beanies by Karen Everitt, knit in Garnstudio DROPS Fabel (blue, February 4th) and Schachenmayr nomotta Regia City Color (variegated brown, February 20th).

Sunshade preemie hat
Maile preemie hat

Selbu Modern hat by Kate Gagnon Osborn, knit in Du Store Alpakka Tynn Alpakka. Started February 19, 2013; completed February 27, 2013.

Selbu Modern Hat

Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock by Jasmin Canty, knit in Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Champion. Started January 26, 2013; completed February 7, 2013.

Champion Socks

Socks for the Deputy Headmistress by Erica Lueder, knit in Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Merino. Started February 8, 2013; completed February 20, 2013.

Socks for the Deputy Headmistress

Toddler Raglan Hoodie by Megan Goodacre, knit in Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Lerke. Started February 2, 2013; completed February 28, 2013.

Gray Mouse Hoodie

Gramps cardigan by tincanknits, knit in Rowan Creative Focus Worsted. Started February 14, 2013; completed February 28, 2013.

Gramps cardigan

Dulaan Easy-On Mittens by Julia Farwell-Clay, knit in Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Lerke. Started February 23, 2013; completed February 24, 2013.

Easy-on Mittens

Kiesten Larisdoter Church Mittens by Randi K Design, knit in Rauma Finullgarn. Started February 1, 2013; completed February 18, 2013.

Kiesten Larisdoter Church Mittens


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The stash-down quest continues and the numbers are looking … wait! I will not spoil you – read along and you will find out 😉 If you missed the first post in this quest series, you can read about how it all started in the January post. 

My current rules and goals are:

  • Knit up as much as possible from Deep Stash (2010 or earlier)
  • Knit up the 3 sweaters worth of yarn bought in the fall, 2012
  • Buy no wool yarn from Sandnes Garn or Per Tyrving (I hate working with it. When it is gone, it´s gone!)
  • 1:1 ratio for fingering sock yarn – Knit one pair of adult socks or a shawl, may buy 100g of new sock yarn
  • 1:5 ratio for all other yarns, based on yardage
  • It is OK to buy yarn for specific projects for the kids, especially daycare sweaters, but the project must be started within 2 months of purchase
  • Yardage from my pre-2012 sweater UFOs do not count (mostly knit, need finishing), but the two scarves do count
  • Vacation yarns do not count (but may only buy yarns not available at local-to-me yarn stores (LYSes)
  • Gifts and prizes do not count

So, how did I do for February? (If you do not want to read all the details, scroll down to the status at the end.)


  • I have a Marius on the needles for me out of fall 2012 yarn.
  • I finished the Baby´s first fairisle yoke cardigan: a long-time almost-done hibernating UFO. This was one of the pre-2012 sweater UFOs and thus the yardage does not count.
  • I used two balls of fingering vacation yarn from Hamburg, Germany (2010) to make socks for me.
  • I knit up almost all of the Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Lerke swapped at LYS in January, with only 6 grams to spare. That is 485 yards of DK weight yarn.
  • I knit a baby cardi out of some of the Rowan Creative Focus Worsted purchased this month, consuming 356 yards of worsted  weight yarn.
  • I knit up the mitten kit purchased in December, 2012, consuming 252 yards of light fingering yarn.
  • I knit a colorwork hat out of fingering deep stash, consuming 242 yards.
  • I knit a pair of toddler mittens and two preemie hats out of various 2011 left-overs, 167 yards total.


  • I have not bought any of the forbidden yarn brands.
  • The four 100g balls of Rowan Creative Focus Worsted that a friend picked up on sale for me to knit a sweater and a vest for the baby entered the house. (I mentioned them being 50g balls in January, but because they did not count for yardage at that time, the size of the balls did not affect the January numbers.)

Rowan Creative Focus Worsted


At the beginning of the month, my unspent allowance was two balls of sock yarn and roughly 760 yards of any yarnThe only purchase was the 200 grams (880 yards) of  worsted yarn for baby garments, and I have knit one of those garments already.

I used two balls of fingering sock yarn for socks and close to 1500 yards of yarn for other projects. Four of the ten finished objects were knit out of deep stash yarns, and three out of recent purchases! This brings my February numbers up to two balls of sock yarn and 124 yards of any yarn.

My accumulated unspent allowance is now up to four balls of sock yarn and roughly 884 yards of any yarn.

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