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Welcome, 2014!

You may say that today is the one-year anniversary of my stash-down quest. But please, keep the cake out of the Stash Cabinet – there is still a skein or ten in there 😉 

If you are interested in the back story or the original rules and goals, you may take a detour to the January 2013 post.

My long term objective (beyond the obvious overall stash reduction) is that the majority of my stash is sock yarn, simply because that is what resonates with my crafting.  

My revised rules and goals for 2014 are:

  • Craft exclusively from pre-2014 stash in Q1 (Harry Potter knitting and crochet house cup Winter2014 #stashterm)
  • In general, knit up as much as possible from Deep Stash (older than two years)
  • Vanish all 2009 yarn of light fingering weight or thicker
  • Vanish all 2010-2013 yarn of sport weight or thicker
  • 1:1 ratio for fingering sock yarn – Knit one pair of adult socks or a shawl, may buy 100g of new sock yarn
  • 1:5 ratio for all other yarns, based on yardage
  • Yardage in is when the yarn enters the house. Yardage out is when a WIP becomes an FO or yarn is gifted/donated/traded
  • Vacation yarns do not count (but may only buy yarns not available at local-to-me yarn stores (LYSes)
  • Gifts and prizes do not count

As before, I will not reveal the overall size of the stash in terms of skeins/balls or yardage, but I will report on yarn going in and out 🙂


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