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Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy to stack up on wet wipes for the diaper bag. After a rather loud arguement at the checkout, I walked out announcing “I will never shop here again!” Not few heads turned among the other customers.

But hey, no one messes with a Mother shopping with and for her baby! I could not have been more certain that I was right and that the two employees at the checkout were wrong.

The core of the dispute was a membership deal on Dr Greve Pharma baby producs with a major pharmacy chain. How can you misinterpret the following:

3 for 2 on Dr Greve Pharma products (baby oil, zink creme, and wet wipes) valid from July 1st to end of 2011. Buy 3 and pay for 2 – you get the cheepest product for free. You may combine all products in this offer, mix and match as you like.”

..and further:

“You can get these products in all our pharmacies. You can also shop with membership discount online.”

I picked 3x wet wipes and gave my membership card to the lady at checkout. When I looked at the receipt, it showed that I had paid for all three so I went back in the store to correct it. This is when the arguement starts.

Pharmacy employees:

  • No, there is no 3 for 2 offer.
  • Our offer is “buy 1 baby oil and 1 zink creme – get 1 wet wipes for free”.
  • No, you cannot mix and match as you like.
  • You have to get one of each, not 2+1 or 3 alike.

OK, see where this is headed?

  • You must be talking about an internet deal. Internet deals are not the same as shop deals.
  • Look at this advertisement (she points to it), it clearly says “…”

My side of the story?

  • I signed up for the membership in July because of this great deal on the wet wipes, which we just so happen to be using anyhow.
  • I have shopped at four other pharmacies in this chain over the past three months and received the 3 for 2 mix-and-match deal. I have bought both 3x wet wipes and 2 zink + 1 baby oil. The former multiple times.
  • I asked the lady to check their website. She did and claimed there was no info about this deal. (The info is there, on multiple pages. Hint: look under “current deals”, “membership deals”, or “membership advantages”.
  • I asked her to read the membership folder. She did and upheld her claim.
  • I asked her to read the adverticement in the leaflet on the counter. She did and claimed that the above quoted text means “buy x and y – get z for free”. (Hello? You, should not work in a pharmacy if you cannot read your native language..)
  • She claimed that those four other pharmacies must have misunderstood the deal and that I had gotten lucky with them.

At this time, frustration was building. I took my bag, my receipt, and walked away. I feel rather proud that the strongest word I used was “bullshit”.

About 4-5 minutes later down the hall outside another shop, the lady came looking for me. She had called HQ.. I have no idea what they told her, but this ended with me getting a cash refund for the third package of wet wipes. “We want happy, returning customers”, she said, following up with “I see how the text of this deal can be misleading, I will ask management to make new signs for the store specifying that the offer is buy 1 baby oil and 1 zink creme – get 1 wet wipes for free.”

Oh, Lord! The woman still cannot read!!! Or maybe she is too proud to admit to herself, her coworkers, and me that she is wrong.

Bottom line:

I got the deal this time, but I will probably not use the local pharmacy for membership deals anymore.  A day later, I am still thrilled that I had the guts to fight for my rights, and doing so without becoming rude. I do not think that she would have dragged me back into the store to give me the refund if I had called her names (even if she had earned them..)

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It is time for the end-of-month housekeeping. I’ve completed 1 project – a cardigan:
Hermine Infant Set – the cardigan – knit with Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Baby Ull. Started April 23, 2011; completed May 7, 2011.
Hermine Cardigan
I have also spent a lot of time working on Amalie´s christening ensemble and a matching shawl for me. Remaining work mostly limited to seaming, edgings, and darning in loose ends.

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Conwy socks Noro scullcap and fingerless mitts Noro scullcap Abruzzi capelet SKA January 2010 Mystery sock
Gentleman's fancy socks Spey Valley  socks Sirdal socks Bulky summer cotton sweater Lace table cloth
Basket Check Socks Sirdal cardigan Traveler's Stocking March 2010 SKA Mystery Sock by Kristi Geraci Swallowtail Shawl
Easteregg socks Mindless socks Stashbuster toddler socks Stashbuster toddler socks Prairie Rose Lace Shawl
Haruni Shawl NewbornSocks Baroque socks MAY 2010 SKA Mystery Sock Traveling Woman Shawl
Newborn Toe Up Jaywalkers Baby mittens in Fabel Newborn Toe Up Ribbed Socks Baby bonnet Baby scarf
Djevellue Yarnharlot socks, photo missing  DROPS slippers, photo missing  DROPS slippers, photo missing

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And here is the 2011 update 🙂 From January through April this year, I completed 10 baby projects – two hats, a pair of mittens, two vests, two onesies, a hooded cardigan, a blanket, and a romper:

Two Djevellue by May B. Langhelle knit with Baby Ull by Dale of Norway/Dalegarn.

Yellow started December 30, 2010; completed January 12, 2011. White started January 4, 2011; completed January 12, 2011.



b14-18 Mittens in Alpaca by DROPS design knit with Tynn Alpakka by Du Store Alpakka.

Started January 26, 2011; completed January 29, 2011.

Cable newborn mittens in alpaca

All three pieces of #1902 Babyundertøy by Kathrine Gregersen knit with Askeladen Merino-lammeuld (2 ply).

Started August 7, 2010; completed February 10, 2011. (Quick knits, but I postponed seaming and buying buttons.)

Nøstebarn baby onesie

Nøstebarn baby top

Nøstebarn baby singlet

Fuglemammas omslagsbody by May B. Langhelle knit with Askeladen Merino-lammeuld (2 ply).

Started August 21, 2010; completed February 10, 2011. (Also a quick knit, but again I postponed the finishing work.)

Wrap baby onesie

#1921 Veksejakke, rillestrikka hettejakke by Kathrine Gregersen knit with Du Store Alpakka BabySilk.

Started October, 2010; completed February 9, 2011.


#1904 Babyteppe by Kathrine Gregersen  knit with Askeladen Merino-lammeuld (2 ply).

Started November 12, 2010; completed March 22, 2011.

baby blanket

#1940 Rillestrikka sparkebukse i 2-tråds garn by Kathrine Gregersen knit with Askeladen Merino-lammeuld (2 ply).

Started April 2, 2011; completed April 22, 2011.

Nostebarn garter stitch baby romper

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Oh dear, oh dear! I´m such a slacker when it comes to updating the knitting journal. From August through December last year, I completed nine projects – three pairs of socks, two pairs of slippers, two hats, a pair of mittens, and a scarf:

Sock Recipe: A Good, Plain Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knit with Garnstudio DROPS Fabel. December 7, 2010; December 12, 2010.

Newborn Toe Up Jaywalkers by Christina Cartwright
knit with Garnstudio DROPS Fabel. Started and completed December 12, 2010.

Newborn Toe Up Jaywalkers

Baby mittens based on Dale of Norway / Dalegarn #127 knit with Garnstudio DROPS Fabel. Started December 12, 2010; completed December 18, 2010.

Baby mittens in Fabel

2 pairs of 111-31 Knitted slippers in 2 threads ”Fabel” by DROPS design knit with Garnstudio DROPS Fabel. Black pair started December 18, 2010; completed December 21, 2010. Green pair started December 27, 2010; completed December 29, 2010.

Newborn Toe Up Ribbed Socks (modified version of the above jaywalkers) knit with Garnstudio DROPS Fabel.
Started December 21, 2010; completed December 22, 2010.

Newborn Toe Up Ribbed Socks

Baby bonnet Liten lue by May B. Langhelle knit with Askeladen Merino-lammeuld (2 ply). Started December 22, 2010; completed December 25, 2010.

Baby bonnet

Baby scarf #1912 Scarf by Kathrine Gregersen knit with Askeladen Merino-lammeuld (2 ply).  Started December 28, 2010; completed December 29, 2010.

Baby scarf

Djevellue by May B. Langhelle knit with Baby Ull by Dale of Norway/Dalegarn. Started December 29, 2010; completed December 30, 2010.


Sorry, no photos of the slippers and adult socks at the time of writing.

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According to Computerworld magazine, 460 000 new twitter accounts are created each day. Seriously? I don’t believe that that’s close to half a million unique humans a day. So who, or, rather what, are all these new identities?

For starters, there’s the autobot retweeters. Have you noticed that as soon as you mention some keyword that you haven’t put in your tweets before, you are retweeted by someone.

Keywords also draw attention to weird followers, some who stick to you, and some who unfollow the very next day. For example, in one of my early tweets, I talked about unfinished objects in ravelry.com, abbreviated UFOs by knitters. And lo and behold, I get followed by someone looking for unidentified flying objects. They’ve still not figured out that that’s not my semantics.

And then there are spammers and other attention seakers. Just because I might need carpal tunnel surgery, I do not need, or want, plastic surgery or enhncement of some body parts. Also, women do not have that kind of parts.

“If you follow me, I’ll follow you back.” Well, you start, and if I find you interesting, then I’ll happily follow you back. You don’t walk up to a girl at the bar and ask her to ask you out on a date…

Happy fifth anniversary, Twitter!

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It is time for the end-of-month (summer) housekeeping. I’ve completed 2 projects – a pair of socks and a shawl:
MAY 2010 SKA Mystery Sock by Cookie A. knit with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids. Started May24, 2010; completed June 2, 2010.
MAY 2010 SKA Mystery Sock
Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante knit with a full skein of Malabrigo Yarn Sock  colorway 800 tiziano red. May 29, 2010; c July 31, 2010.

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