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According to Computerworld magazine, 460 000 new twitter accounts are created each day. Seriously? I don’t believe that that’s close to half a million unique humans a day. So who, or, rather what, are all these new identities?

For starters, there’s the autobot retweeters. Have you noticed that as soon as you mention some keyword that you haven’t put in your tweets before, you are retweeted by someone.

Keywords also draw attention to weird followers, some who stick to you, and some who unfollow the very next day. For example, in one of my early tweets, I talked about unfinished objects in ravelry.com, abbreviated UFOs by knitters. And lo and behold, I get followed by someone looking for unidentified flying objects. They’ve still not figured out that that’s not my semantics.

And then there are spammers and other attention seakers. Just because I might need carpal tunnel surgery, I do not need, or want, plastic surgery or enhncement of some body parts. Also, women do not have that kind of parts.

“If you follow me, I’ll follow you back.” Well, you start, and if I find you interesting, then I’ll happily follow you back. You don’t walk up to a girl at the bar and ask her to ask you out on a date…

Happy fifth anniversary, Twitter!


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