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We are almost one third into 2016, and it is time for the annual grand plan to be revealed.
If you are interested in the back story or the original rules and goals, you may take a detour to the 20132014, and 2015 posts. 

My long term objective is that the majority of my stash is sock yarn, simply because that is what resonates with my crafting. The past focus reflected by the ratios has also been an overall stash reduction.

After the incident of the 2014 LYS sales, I´ve been extremely picky about what yarn to buy and when. Some might say that I´m becoming a yarn snob, but why should you not knit with the best yarn you can afford that is appropriate for the project? When maternity leave ends and I return to work life with three little ones demanding my attention evenings and weekends, knitting time will be at a premium. When you treat yourself, you don´t dive into the sales bin at the dollar store…

In 2015, I turned the  negative 4472 yard balance to a 100-yard allowance enforcing the 1:3 ration. That is almost 13500 yards more out than in! At the same time, the unspent sock yarn account went up from 16.5 to 18.5 skeins.

Without further ado, I rename the Stash-down Quest to the Stash Curation! The trove shall be curated and groomed allowing precious and appropriate skeins in and the lesser yarns will be subjected to use-or-loose. 

My revised rules and goals for 2016 are:

  • In general, knit up as much as possible from Deep Stash (older than two years). The majority of the commercial yarns that have been on my vanishing list fall into this category.
  • 1:1 skein ratio for fingering sock yarn – Knit one pair of adult socks or a shawl, may buy 100g of new sock yarn
  • 1:1 yardage ratio for all other yarns
  • Yardage in is when the yarn enters the house. Yardage out is when a WIP becomes an FO or yarn is gifted/donated/traded
  • Vacation yarns do not count (but may only buy yarns not available at local-to-me yarn stores (LYSes)
  • Gifts and prizes do not count

As always, I will not reveal the overall size of the stash in terms of skeins/balls or yardage, but I will report on yarn going in and out 🙂


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